What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for Oil and Gas?

President-elect Donald Trump has made some big promises regarding the energy industry. He has included the Keystone pipeline in his plan for his first 100 days in office and is planning to grant the necessary State Department permit, previously denied by the Obama Administration, to TransCanada Corporation to construct the northern stretch of the pipeline. Trump also included lifting restrictions on the production of shale oil and natural gas and fast-tracking energy infrastructure projects in the 100-day plan. He has voiced his support for hydraulic fracturing and indicated that he will revoke policies that limit the technique. Trump has also made clear his intention to open an increasing number of federal areas to drilling, both onshore and offshore.

Experts predict that Trump will utilize executive action to accomplish his energy goals, including undoing the climate change executive orders issued by President Obama. President-elect Trump will also be choosing U.S. Department of Energy and Interior secretaries, an EPA administrator and other regulators who will be charged with carrying out his energy initiatives. Theories suggest that he will choose individuals who are skeptical of climate change and prefer a hands-off approach to regulation.